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A Fast Information to Genuine Louis Vuitton Date Codes

A Fast Information to Genuine Louis Vuitton Date Codes


Do you know that you could find out about a Louis Vuitton luggage historical past by its date code? It’s the important thing to discovering out when and the place a bit was manufactured. A date code is additionally one of many many points that we take a look at throughout our authentication course of. One of the useful methods to find out whether or not a Louis Vuitton bag is genuine is verifying the date code as a result of in contrast to different manufacturers similar to Chanel, LV purses don’t include authenticity playing cards.

Louis Vuitton has been incorporating date codes in virtually each bag, pockets, shoe fashion, and small leather-based piece for the reason that early Eighties. Previous to the Eighties, there was no such factor as a Louis Vuitton date code, which makes it troublesome up to now classic items. Typically, date codes are hidden and could also be troublesome to find as a result of they’re normally stamped on the liner or on a leather-based tab inside a pocket.

When looking for a date code inside a purse, verify the next locations first:

  • On a leather-based tab stitched into the sting of an inside pocket.

  • The underside of an inside leather-based tab, normally with a d-ring hooked up.

  • Straight on the liner of the piece, normally on the inside fringe of a pocket, both horizontal or vertical. *The sort of date code would be the most troublesome to find as a result of they have a tendency to fade with use over time.

  • Beneath the hanging pocket (within the case of Speedy and Neverfull bag types).

Louis Vuitton has modified the date code configuration a number of occasions, however the date code will at all times comprise letters and/or numbers. Though counterfeit luggage can have date codes that seem genuine, there are various different particulars to assessment when contemplating authenticity. Under is a fast information to deciphering the which means of date codes and what’s the way forward for date codes as of 2021.


Early Eighties and Earlier than: No Date Codes

Louis Vuitton didn’t use date codes earlier than 1982, due to this fact older classic items can’t be pinpointed as precisely as newer ones.  


1982 to Mid Eighties Date Codes: Three or 4 Digits

Vuitton’s first foray into dates codes started in 1982. These codes include three to four-digit numbers, and no letters. The primary two numbers point out the yr, and the final one or two numbers point out the month of producing.

 * The “853” date code within the bag above signifies the piece was made in March, 1985.  


Mid to Late Eighties Date Codes: Three or 4 Digits with Two Letters

Louis Vuitton modified the date code system within the mid-Eighties to incorporate letters that point out the manufacturing unit location of producing. In early Eighties date codes, the primary two numbers point out the yr, and the final one or two numbers point out the month of producing. 

* The “874 SL” date code above signifies the bag was made in April of 1987 in France.


Early 1990 to 2006 Date Codes: Two Letters with 4 Digits

Within the early Nineties, Louis Vuitton moved the manufacturing unit letters to the entrance of the date code and revised the numbering system. On this format, the first and third numbers signify the month, and the second and fourth numbers signify the yr of producing.

* The “FL0041” date code above signifies the bag was made in April of 2001 in France.  


2007 to Early 2021: Two Letters with 4 Digits (Quantity System was Revised)

In 2007, Louis Vuitton modified the four-digit numbering system format. As a substitute of indicating the month an merchandise was manufactured, the primary and third numbers now signify the week and the second and fourth numbers nonetheless signify the yr. The letters proceed to signify the precise manufacturing unit the place an merchandise was manufactured. 
An exception for this rule is sun shades. Sun shades can have date codes with one letter and 4 digits, barely completely different than another date code format.

* The “AH2105” date code above signifies the bag was made throughout the twentieth week of 2015 in France. The twentieth week was in Might that yr.  


Current Day: The RFID Microchip 

After March 1st, 2021, Louis Vuitton started changing date codes with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips to their gadgets, and as of March thirty first, all gadgets will not embrace a date code. With this elimination of date codes and the implementation of those microchips, solely Louis Vuitton shops will have the ability to scan the chips to obtain the manufacturing info together with identify, date, supplies, and extra in regards to the merchandise. The one identifier this stuff will proceed to embrace is the made in stamping, until it’s made within the USA.  


Louis Vuitton Date Code Manufacturing facility Chart

Under, we included an easy-to-read chart with Louis Vuitton manufacturing unit codes.

*If an merchandise has been re-lined, Louis Vuitton points a brand new date code with the manufacturing unit location code of “DK”. Have in mind, the re-lined date code manufacturing unit location might battle with the “made in” stamping on the surface of the bag (if relevant). For instance, if a bag has been re-lined, the inside might say “Made in France,” however the exterior stamping should say “Made in USA”, matching the nation of its unique origin.    



Don’t overlook to be taught extra about figuring out genuine Louis Vuitton items and the right way to safely clear your Louis bag.

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***Couture USA solely authenticates gadgets that you simply wish to promote or consign with us. 

There are a number of firms that do supply authentication companies. Mypoupette, CarolDiva, and Authenticate4U are all respected authentication firms who can be pleased to assessment your merchandise for a small price. ***


[Updated May 2021]



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