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Fashion over 40 | What?! Don’t tell me how to dress!

Fashion over 40 | What?! Don’t tell me how to dress!


Age has nothing to do with fashion, style & how you dress. Dressing for your age does not exist, here’s why

Fashion over 40′, 50, 60, etc, How to wear (insert clothing, beauty item, etc) over, 40, 50, etc you’ve all seen those articles and I’m horrified! In a society where we are trying to prevent ageism and create an inclusive world, this needs to stop! I’m here to tell you no one should tell you how to dress and there is no such thing as dressing appropriately for your age. You don’t have a milestone birthday and then suddenly wake up that day and need to dress a whole different way. We all age differently which is irrelevant anyway since what you wear and how you style it is 100% up to you.

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Why ageist fashion over 40, etc articles are so wrong!

How to style and outfit idea posts are great but as soon as you start slapping a number on it that becomes ageist and not inclusive. Fashion is about expressing who you are, what makes you feel confident, and what you want to wear.

It’s not about a number. If you want to wear something sexy, do it. If you want to wear something modest do it. Wear whatever you want and don’t let anyone tell you how to dress for your age.

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Yes, there are things we might want to wear that might be more flattering but it has nothing to do with age but body confidence. So don’t let anyone take that away from you. You don’t have to swap from bikinis and skinny jeans to one piece swimsuits and a twin set because you had a birthday and someone told you that you were supposed to dress a certain way.

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There’s also certain clothing items and makeup at a younger age where it’s up to the parents to decide what’s appropriate and what’s not but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about stopping posting those ‘fashion over 40’ or ‘how to wear mini skirts over the age of 40’ etc articles. Articles telling us to dress appropriately for our age, and what we should and shouldn’t wear because of our age. How is age even a factor?! That’s most definitely not inclusive.

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Making fashion an inclusive place

I’m in my mid forties and I’ll wear crop tops and mini skirts until I don’t feel confident in them or my personal style aesthetic changes. You do not need to cover up or dress more modestly unless the dress code dictates it. Obviously I’m not walking down the street in a bikini or going into a church in a revealing outfit but it has nothing to do with ‘dressing for your age’ but respect for the culture.

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Can we please get back to letting people wear what makes them feel good. We come under enough criticism in this World and it’s something we should have freedom in. So the next time you see a fashion over 40 article or something similar, take it with a giant grain of salt or ignore it entirely.

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Dress in what makes you feel the most you. Dress in what makes you feel confidently beautiful.

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When your next milestone birthday rolls around keep being beautifully and uniquely you. There is no one else like you so don’t let anyone take that away from you. Let’s keep fashion as an inclusive place where you can express who you are however you want to.

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