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Rihanna Makes ‘Huge’ Donation To Disabled & Homeless Veterans



It seems nothing can hold Rihanna back from her philanthropic efforts — not even recently giving birth to a second child. As The Shade Room previously reported, the singer and A$AP Rocky welcomed their second son on August 3rd.

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More Details Regarding Rihanna’s Reported Donation To Los Angeles Veterans

According to a report published Thursday by Page Six, the 35-year-old mother of two recently contacted the Always For The People Foundation. Additionally, the singer “made a huge” donation order with the 501(c)3 non-profit organization for disabled and displaced veterans in Los Angeles.

According to the group’s official Instagram account, the organization “advocates for victims of systemic injustice” and homeless and disabled Veterans.

Page Six adds that Rihanna contacted the organization’s founder, Sennett Devermont. Devermont then “distributed hundreds of hygiene kits, socks, clothes, sleeping bags, food, 50-plus pairs of shoes, toilet paper, dog food” to the veterans on the singer’s behalf.

Furthermore, in a recent Instagram post, the organization thanked Rihanna, along with some other donors, for their donations.

“Was a beautiful day today serving those who’ve served us. Every freedom and every rights I passionately believe in sharing and exercising are thanks to our Veterans. The music, the apps, the movies, capitalism, and so much more is because of the sacrifice few have made for many to benefit from. We can’t forget them. And I’m so honored and thankful to give back to them with thanks to all the donors and helpers @badgalriri…”

Devermont can be seen in the video handing out supplies and receiving thanks from veterans.

Rihanna Has Previously Visited The Group To Give Back To Veterans

According to Page Six, the singer also visited the veterans with the organization in February 2022 when she was pregnant with her first child, RZA. The group, alongside the singer, reportedly visited the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs campus, as per PEOPLE.

At the time, a source told the outlet that she “spent hours” listening to the veterans’ “concerns and their issues.”

Additionally, the singer also “spent hours” taking photos with veterans and helping with unloading donation items from vans.

“She actually cared, She listened to everyone and distributed everything,” a source explained at the time, as per Daily Mail.

Check out the social media posts regarding Rihanna’s 2022 visit with the veterans below.

The Singer Recently Gave Birth To Her & A$AP Rocky’s Second Son

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rihanna reportedly gave birth to her and A$AP Rocky’s second son on April 3. At the time, it was not disclosed whether the singer did so via a hospital birth or at-home labor. However, the child was reportedly born in Los Angeles.

At this time, outlets have speculated that the baby’s name begins with an “R” like his brother. However, Rihanna and Rocky have yet to reveal the news themselves or address the recent reports.



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